Fluorescent Acrylic Experiments

Using spiral shapes that cut out this time, rather than only half way through the perspex allowed me to pull them out of the perspex shape and create a more varied texture, and the cute motifs stand out as something that I could reinterpret to use in a product aimed at children, be it wind motifs or snails.

The repeating circles pattern that I reproduced here has not had the effect I had hoped for; there is not enough flat, uninterrupted surface for the light to be redirected towards the inside edges, and held at different angles, the holes can been seen. If I want the edges to light up, I will need to use a sparser pattern. It still has produced an interesting, almost gem-like texture that I am pleased with, however.

Out of these two I vastly prefer the second experiment. The stars are not particularly interesting to me, as while I like that their edges ‘glow’, they simply look like stars cut from plastic. The second one, with the cut-out stars fused to one side, has the edges light up far more due to the fact that its’ surface is untouched.


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