Feild Reflection PDP


The first field module that I did was Global Perspectives; flying to South Korea and spending two weeks learning about the culture and history of the country. I very much enjoyed the trip, and feel that I learned a lot- my time was certainly not wasted, but when I came back I did find that I had missed out on some things that happened while I was gone, particularly constellation lectures. This was not a huge ordeal, as I was able to catch up on the information that I had missed quite easily. Some of the information that I had learned while there did influence my work; the seating culture informed part of my site and space project, after I visited the Korea Furniture Museum and experienced what it might have been like, for royalty at least, to live in a house which was built with the idea that every day tasks would be carried out at floor level. I do, however, wish that I had been more outgoing while I was there, and made more of a concerted effort to make friends.

The second module, Magical Objects, was a little less useful to me overall.  As a maker, I am used to having higher expectations placed on the physical outcomes of my work, so I was a little disappointed that we were only working with cardboard, and air drying clay. I did enjoy the fast paced nature of this module, however, after a long, drawn out project that had lasted an entire term, having a succession of smaller, quicker projects was refreshing. It also made me focus a little more on the conceptual side of my work, as my work is often informed by the material I am working with at the time, or practicality. I found that my priority, when making, was the quality of the object that I made, which was different to a lot of the other students involved, who were focused more on the concept behind their chosen pieces. Their work almost always required more explaining than mine did, but I felt that my work was different because I built it differently; rather than sticking to the templates we were given, I varied my work and made it my own.

After discussing and sharing what I learnt with my course mates, who were on other modules, I felt like I had picked/been given relatively easy modules both times. he pay-off of this was that I had more time to finish my subject project, and was able to polish my outcome for that more than others. It didn’t feel as though the workload I had was as high as the others, or as practical in the long run; in retrospect I would have liked to have taken the opportunity to do some group work in either the SHED project, or the business module, as that would have given me skills that I could use in the future. Although these other modules seemed a little more stressful, and high demand, I think that I would have gained valuable information.



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