Artist Research

Angie Lewin is a lino printer who uses british wildlife to create heavily stylised retro prints. Her depictions of dandelions and hogweed are of most interest to me; I really like the spikey, spinning kind of feeling they give.


William Morris, a victorian era wallpaper designer. His work is very busy, and usually has a lot crammed together, which I’m not too fond of. The colours are usually quite dark as well, in accordance with the tastes of the time period. He used british wildlife as inspiration.

Cath Kidston, a commercial printmaker, also uses british flora to inspire a lot of her designs. What I like about her work, besides the colours, is the spacing of the mini bouquets. As a repeating pattern, it makes it less busy and allows me to focus more on the individual flowers. This is something I would like to emulate in my own work.


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