Earring Stand

I have a large collection of earrings that have been sitting in a small box, and it was getting difficult to quickly find a matching pair, so I decided to make myself a stand to keep them all in.  I played around with a few ideas, having more than one stand on the same base, several layers, having it self supporting. When I made the outline on illustrator, I made two horizontal bars, but then before cutting it out, I removed one of them, as in the meantime I had measured my largest earrings and found that I would need more space to fit it in.earring stand1


The finished product looks good, and I am pleased with it, but if I were to do it over, I would probably use a different colour perspex. I would also try out using a slot together technique for the legs, as the stand is not deep enough to support the weight very well. I ended up having to add another layer, and sticking it together with bluetack, but it still isn’t quite as stable as I would like.


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