I’m really pleased with how this light shade turned out, the mixture of the looped, bent perspex petals and the curly light bulb works quite well in my opinion. I found this bulb in a skip, which surprised me. First of all I was surprised that someone had thrown away a perfectly functioning light bulb, second of all it reminded me that I need to keep a better eye out for second hand objects that I can use. Re purposing will not be the main focus of any of my work, but I am open to using already existing items.

With the longer plain petals, the light bulb makes it seem a bit too short, so in future I would use a drop shaped, or longer bulb to balance out the distribution.

I would like to experiment more with different types of lightbulbs, the main restriction being the size. I am interested in the type of bulbs which have interesting filaments inside them, although they give off less light than an incandescent or LED bulb.



found here

For example, this Plumen Whirly Willis bulb, from TugBoatSteamPunk on Etsy could make an interesting addition to my lampshade. On the other hand, these bulbs are so beautiful that they don’t need a lampshade to accentuate them.

These bulb filaments are made from optic fibres, and if I have time I would like to experiment in using some on my own, without a bulb.



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