First Completed Prototype

I am really pleased with how this one in particular turned out: it has the most attractive petal design so far, as the bottoms are cut and bent to look almost curly. It makes me happy because I almost didn’t cut this design out, and I hadn’t expected it to look this good.

I also really like how the perspex looks when lit up. Despite the fact that it has lost a lot of the ‘glow’ along the edges, I think that with the colour the way that it is, it looks warm and inviting.

Things I would like to improve on:

  • Size: I think it would look better a bit bigger, so the bulb itself isn’t such an obvious part of it.
  • Attachment: if I made an attachment that matched the petal designs, rather than a more standard shape, it would look better.
  • Textures: if I had plain petals, I would embellish them. I would also like to try sandblasting the surface to see what happens.

I’d also like to make a series of these, to display. As a lot of the other lampshades that I have been working on will have flower patterns engraved on them, I may need to think harder about how I plan to match them all together. Or maybe I should make a third design which is different again, so there would be even more variety, then display the best of each.


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