Pattern Cutting

Using the fluorescent perspex I engraved and cut out a selection of patterns. Some were more successful than others.

Because of the small scale of the detailing of the pattern, it proved difficult to get a neat cut: the proximity of the laser caused the remaining bits of perspex to melts and made the inner parts very fragile, and resulted in me often losing an entire part of the flower when  trying to push it out. What was originally an accident turned out to be the solution for this: instead of cutting all the way through, I plan to laser only half or two thirds of the way through the perspex. This way the glowing edge properties of the material remains, and it looks neater overall since I won’t have to break any edges trying to force the unneeded parts out of their cavities.

Another problem I ran into was the quality of the engraving. It is almost invisible,  part from certain angles especially when light is shining through it. My solution to this will be to slow down the raster engraving part of the process, or maybe even go over it a few times, just to be thoroughly sure that it is deep enough to be visible.


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