Iridescent Film Experiments

Using the vacuum former, I melted the iridescent film onto the individual petals, and formed them the usual way. I had to push out some air bubbles, which would have made the film easier to pull away. Afterwards, there was a lot of excess, so I cut it off with a scalpel, along with the holes.

I am pleased with the overall effect when not fixed to a light bulb; the ambient light creates really pretty reflections and colour distortions, and since it is a curved object this is more prominent than it otherwise might be.

I had been worried that it wouldn’t look good with such a strong light coming from behind, but I was surprised to find that it looks really nice like this! It’s all a lot more vibrant this way.

To attach it to the light, I changed the attachment piece to one of the prototypes. I hope to use a frosted one for final use. I also changed the colour of the wire, because I thought that the black stood out a little to much. The pink wire links match better with the overall colour scheme.


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