New Design Form

Going off a concept I had come up with a while ago, of not fully opened flower bus, I worked with my already existing lampshade designed to create new petal shapes that attach all the way along each side to almost converge at the bottom.

I much prefer the one which has the split lower edge, as it looks more like a flower. The one with the flat bottom simply looks ‘modern’. I would like to try different length petals on one single lampshade, to create a layered effect. I would be interested to see if that would make it look more like a flower or not.

It worked pretty well with card but that material is stubborn. I am unsure if it will be as successful with acrylic, as it is a very specific shape that each piece will need to be in in order for it to work. I will likely have to create a former to make sure is one is identical, rather than rely on just using my hands, as I have been doing until now.


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