Presentation Ideas


Initial, most basic idea: similar to what I did for my first year lighting piece. I would use a bar perched along a corner of a wall and hang my lighting off that. No fuss, and as many lampshades as I can fit in without it looking too over crowded. Business cards on a small shelf to the side.

If possible, I would also ideally like to use one of the rooms that are meant specifically for displaying lighting,

Second and third ideas involve leaves, either real or fake. Inspired by the way Tord Boontje, who is a major inspiration for this project, photographs his work in the forest nearby where he lives, I would like to incorporate an element of nature in my presentation. This is fitting since it is so heavily inspired by flowers. I predict that the coloured light will reflect off the surrounding leaves and create an interesting effect.

I would twine branches and vines around the cords that lead up to the mains, disguising the power cable, and/or use large potted trees that have tropical but thin leaves, like ferns, that will surround each lampshade easily. I would need to have them hanging fairly low for this, but I think it would look good.

Another possibility is using a trellis filled with leaves, and having that placed behind the lampshades for them to nestle into.


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