Purple Mirrored Blossoming Flower

Using purple mirrored acrylic, I made a flower lampshade that looks as though it is mid blossom. After experimenting with my former, using the orange, I found that I needed to flick the ends up, in order for it to look like a flower, otherwise it’s too similar to the design with the straight edged bottom.

The reverse side of this acrylic is grey, but it still reflects a lot of light downwards, so this kind of light shade would be good as a spotlight, over a dining table or in a retro restaurant.

This is one of my favourite outcomes. I really love the shiny mirrored quality that this lampshade has, but I don’t think any colours that I already have will match it for the attachments; preferably I would use black, or opaque green, but I only have clear and translucent colours.


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