Presentation Sketches

Some sketches of ideas of where my lampshades could be used. Top left is a dining room, with a blossoming flower lampshade acting as directed source of light, creating mood lighting for a romantic dinner. Below that, is a restaurant, with the open flower light shade casting a brighter light on each table, and creating a conversation starter. Top right is a living room, with the lampshades re-imagined as floor lamps; I would love to rework my lampshades into other forms of lighting, as they would all require their own unique types of attachment, since at the moment they are fixed by the top rather than the bottom. It would be an interesting challenge to take up. Bottom right is a series of changing rooms in a clothing boutique, creating a unique and fun atmosphere . I imagine that they would look good in somewhere like River Island, since they sometimes have quite adventurous interior designs.


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