Artist Statement

Eleri Normington




Perspex, wire.


The make your mark project was initially a way for me to experiment in using perspex and the laser cutter to create something beautiful. It started as a wall hanging, and developed into a floral themed lampshade, both decorated by, and resembling flowers.

Partially inspired by my constellation essay subject, the kimono, which utilises seasonal floral motifs, I looked to the british countryside for ideas, photographing plantlife and redrawing it in my own style. After scouring the Taff Trail for flowers that I liked, I found cows parsley, a tiny, five petalled flower. I used these drawings to design the pattern that can be found on my lampshades.

I continued to experiment with the colour and finish of the perspex, and the power and speed of the laser cutter. I tried using fluorescent and iridescent perspex for an interesting appearance, and adjusted the depth that the laser cutter cut into the perspex, so that the patterns catch the light just so. Using heat was a huge part of this project, and thermoforming the perspex was vital for the lampshades to come together. I wanted to create a variety of different designs, that reflect the idea of ‘blossoming’, so that each flower shade is at a different stage of bloom.



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