Exhibition Evaluation

Getting the lights installed wasn’t too difficult. The first method I tried was to remove the plug from the wire and feed the cables up through the ceiling but then realised that this wouldn’t work since the light fittings have switches on them which wouldn’t fit through the holes. In order to get around this, I filled the holes I had drilled in, made new pilot holes and screwed in some hooks to take the weight of the lampshades. I used zipties around the bend of the cable to make them stay at the correct height, and pins to guide the excess cabling to the extension cable, which is hung up in the top corner of the wall.


I used fake ivy garlands to decorate the area, since I wanted to replicate the sort of scenes that Tord Boontje takes photographs of his work in. Using a staple gun, I put all the garlands in place, and twined some of them around the dangling wires of the lampshades. I think that it’s very effective, and the colours and shadows projected onto the leaves are exactly what I wanted.


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