Smells Like Teen Spirit

My constellation session this term is all about analysing clothing and the cultural meanings behind them using a columns method.



In the first session we analysed an outfit worn by Madonna, deducing at the implications of what she was wearing by looking at the fabrics, colours, historical contexts and modifications of these.

We concluded that it was a statement about gender, the juxtaposition of the suit to the modified corset having the implication her femininity being strong enough to dominate over the masculine.


Jamie North


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Jamie North works with ceramics in a loose and aged-looking way, mostly slag and ‘waste materials’, combined with plants gives it the appearance that it has been left to the elements for a long time. I hope to create something that has a similar appearance, on a much smaller scale, so I will try working with materials like this to achieve a likeness in the rubble-y effect.

The form of the first one. with its inner area and column like corners, reminds me of some of the castles I’ve been looking at. I will probably try to recreate this effect using wires and covering them with ceramic, for a self contained kind of plant sanctuary.

Archaeology Project

After visiting an exhibition on archaeology in Cardiff Museum and seeing some watercolour paintings of a recently uncovered mayan temple covered in foliage, I became interested in how the passing of time affects things, particularly when plants are involved. I’ll be looking into the aesthetics of overgrown abandoned castles and how plants affect their surroundings after a long time has passed. The combination of rock and stone with greenery appeals to me as it shows that life goes on and is a sign of nature taking things back.

I will visit Cardiff Castle to gather photos of my own, and i will experiment with planting fast growing plants among rocks, and also with ceramics.

Victoria Modesta


Aside from simply wearing technology s clothing, I’m interested in technology as an enhancement of oneself in terms of fashion. Prosthetic limbs have been used for many thousands of years, but there is not much evidence of them being more than purely functional, excluding gold teeth. Viktoria Modesta, who calls herself a ‘Bionic Girl’ had her leg amputated as a youth, and now pursues a singing career, proving that being disabled isn’t a barrier to creativity, just another facet of it.

She has a variety of prosthetics, including one by Swarovski, that are of great interest to me.



I’m intending to make a wearable piece of technology for my Future Generations project, so I looked into existing products.

Cutecircuit are a company that has been working on making wearable science fiction inspired clothing for ten years. The current articles’ wiring is unobtrusive and ‘feels like a normal garment’. The patterns in the LED light system are controlled by an app on your phone, which can change the colours and patterns that are formed in the clothing. The lights, which are full colour pixels, measure only 2mm, and are difficult to come by. Furthermore, the circuits are hand embroidered onto silk, to allow it to stretch comfortably.

Even if I don’t use this technique for my final product, I would like to try stitching a circuit into fabric, to see how it behaves.


Aurora Jewellery

Better images can be found found here and here.

This jewellery by Kyeok Kim interests me because of it’s luminous qualities. The pieces of Jewellery are lights inside a fairly small shaped objects which attach to both the clothes and the body, and have a ephemeral nature in that the patterns cast on you skin change as you move. It is best viewed in the dark.

Underskin ‘Tattoos’


The idea is that this piece of plastic would be embedded under your skin and connected to you intrinsically. While this idea may seem extreme or squeamish to some, it’s not a big leap to move onto this as there is already a lot of things humans do to their bodies similar to this- such as piercings, and tattoos.

I like the aesthetic of having subtle lights underneath your skin, plus the concept is very interesting as it is designed to be useful in your day to day life such as acting as a key to be used with your credit card and tell you your health statistics, even light up in a unique way around your loved ones. It’s not a real thing yet, but soon will be.3036175-slide-s-2-from-the-designers-of-fitbit-a-digital-tattoo