Charles Petillon



‘100 000 ballons dans un marché de Londres’

What appeals to me about this image is the whimsical fantasy nature of it- the shock of seeing a luminous cloud of balloons in a forest or even a train station seems like something out of a fantasy story. The way the light is gradually blocked by layers of balloons makes it look like a really stylised cloud, and otherworldly.



Bruce Munro

‘Brass Monkey’ is made up of loops of fibre optic cables inside of cannon ball shaped clear spheres (‘brass monkey’ is an old pirate name for cannon ammunition) and the light it contains has an icy quality to it, like a winter wonderland inside each globe.


‘Feild of Light’ is comprised of thousands of LEDs in the shape of dandelions the spread over the entirety of a field. When all of them are lit up, it looks like a kind of faerieland and I half expect a winged creature to be hiding in there. This kind of atmosphere of childlike wonder is something I hope to capture in my work.a9ce8b9ae55d15738cd11cd91b57495e7308a81ed7ceac5a6ae16626d3e3b827

Heteronormativity, Binary and Hegemony

Heteronormativity is the assumption that everyone is straight until proven otherwise, and is the way our society works. Everything, almost, is centred around the idea that people are straight, that that is the default setting. When growing up, you ‘discover’ that you are gay, but not that you are straight, because that is the assumed standard. This stems from a lack of representation in media.

Binary, when not talking about binary code for computers, is the idea that there is only two ‘opposites’. For example male or female, straight or gay. This idea ignores the fact that there is something in the middle, and something outside, or other. I dislike this term because it’s so stifling, and restricting.

Hegemony is a word which describes the ‘leader’ role in society, or the dominant character type. Sometimes referred to as the ‘alpha male’. In the lecture, the lecturer discussed how the concept of a hegemonic male is slowly changing from a muscular, hyper-masculine character to a more intelligent nerdy type, and more feminine and slender appearances are more accepted. While I do agree that this is the case, she was explaining about how these character types used to be marginalised and bullied and while it may be possible that they were picked on by bigger kids, now they use their superiority complexes to look down on everyone else. So even though the image has changed, the way people in charge treat others hasn’t changed overly much- Sherlock, for example, is a genius, but he treats a lot of people like they are beneath him.


Rhino is a 3d design program which allows you to create 3d objects in a non-material setting. This could save time and expense on materials (though the program is quite expensive in itself) and can help give a visualisation for something that you are making. Conversely, it could be something you intend to 3d print, usually on a smallish scale, as it is a very time consuming process.

20151014_112613 20151028_113848

Adobe Illustrator can be used for many things, but in our case we will be using it for the purpose of lineart for the laser cutter. This will be very useful to me as I’m sure i will be using this in the near future.


Design Brief

I intend to make a night light/lampshade for my first project, ‘Beautiful & Usable’, and my intention is to project an image onto the walls. It will be designed to go in a child’s bedroom, or in a hospital room for children, or even an adult’s. It could have potentially therapeutic uses, and encourage calmness for bedtime etc.

I will use laser cut wood or opaque perspex to project the images, and either use translucent coloured perspex or different coloured light bulbs to change the colours. I drew a quick sketch on SAI to illustrate the kind of thing I would like to create, based on some imagery I feel would fit the theme of The Beauty and The Beast.


After visiting Cardiff Castle, and having a tour, I want to include a narrative into my image projection. I took some photos of the children’s room, which has murals of famous story characters on the walls.

20151028_161016 20151028_161021 20151028_161030

The hard part will be choosing a story to illustrate…

Relationship Between Maker and the Body

I am doing the course Artist Designer Maker at Cardiff Met, and one of my lectures is about the body and in society.

My course is primarily made for the creation of 3D objects, and therefore can be very oriented around consumer needs, so therefore ergonomics sometimes need to be taken into account along with safety and function. Almost everything to do with making an object revolves around the body in some way, be it the process, the material, or the use of the end product.

The feel of the materials you use to make something has an impact on the body, for example the texture of polished or rough hewn wood, or the visual appearance of enamelled metals. The process of making something requires that you put thought into safety, as sometimes the processes are dangerous, like using a bandsaw to cut something, so protective clothes must be worn. The function needs the most input, as it hinges on the person using it, so if it’s a seat, for example, then you must think about how to make it comfortable, or portable, or aesthetically pleasing.

The Panoptican

The Panoptican is an architectural design of a prison, by Foucault. The main components are; the cells,formed in a curved or circular shape, and; the tower, in which a guard sits, watching over the prisoners in the cells. The point is that the prisoners do not know when they are being watched, since they cannot see the guard in the tower due to lighting, but they know that it could be at any time. So they change their behaviour in order not to get into trouble. Similar effects are seen nowadays with cctv cameras everywhere, though this does not stop all illegal behaviour, of course.

Theoretically, this causes a shift in power. The inmates have no control over when they are being watched, so they become passive recipients, or ‘objects’. The one in the tower holds all the power in the arrangement, and he becomes the ‘subject’, since he ios the only one active in the exchange. This combined with the relative solitude of individual cells, should bring about the control of the hordes of prisoners, according to Foucault.